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I am a self-taught programmer currently studying Computer Science at Monash University. I do a lot of stuff with game-playing programs.


Cold Clear

A modern Tetris versus bot I worked on from August 2019 to about the beginning of 2021. It is the best bot that does not use the infamous four-wide combo strategy. You can play against it online here.

Tetris Bot Protocol

A communication standard for Tetris-playing programs, attempting to fulfill the same purpose as the Universal Chess Interface does for Chess.


A chess engine I started writing in February 2022. It is primarily notable for using a very small NNUE (32-neuron hidden layer) and was trained entirely through self-play starting from a random network. As of August 2022 it is tied for 97th with a rating of 2966 on the CCRL 40/15 rating list.

Cold Clear 2

A complete rewrite and evolution of Cold Clear. I created this mostly because I was unhappy with Cold Clear's multithreaded search strategy (which failed to scale past 4 threads), but also to implement much of the knowledge I've acquired through 2 years of Tetris work.